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Above is CH. Gator's Little Dittle.

Below is Samantha pup of Imogene & Sammy sham bo. half sister to Captain Woodrow.

Below is Lilly a pup of Sierra & Captain Woodrow

Below is CrystalWaters Kodak Majic

Below is Tiffant pup of Dollie & TedBear

Below is Romeo, Pup of Captain Woodrow & Sierra.
Below is Dollie. On the right is Captain Woodrow who is Dollies half brother.

Below is Poppy. Pup of Dollie

Above & Below is Wilma, pup of Pebbles & Romeo.
Below is Candi pup of Captain Woodrow & Sierra

Below is BellaRena when she was younger. pup of Candi & Crystalwaters Kodak Majic.

BellaRena is below.

BellaRena is below

Below; Puppies one week old. One is tiny.

Candi is below

Below is a female, pup of Sierra & Crystalwater Kodak Majic

Below is Pups of Crystalwater Kodak Majic's

BELOW is BellaRena a Candi & Crystalwater Kodak female.

Below is Crystal Water Kodak Majic & Candi Puppies DOB:11-29-08

                                 Above is a Cricket & Twist puppy



Kodak & Lydia puppy




Gidget out of Pebbles & Romeo                     




Below is Gator's Little Dittle

Gator's Little Dittle

Below:Debbie's Little Trixie
Now Called "Raina" Debbie's Little Majic's Trixie. She has puppies showing.


Below is Captain Woodrow.

Below is Samantha Captain Woodrow's half sister.

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